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Why have we closed the EscapeLets website?

EscapeLets was founded in 2005 and in the following year we launched our first website to provide a free quality service for owners to advertise their holiday properties to the public, unlike most other property rental sites which charge expensive listing and booking fees. Over the following years we constantly worked to improve the site and it's features, always free of charge to owners and renters.

The website evolved and was redesigned several times over the years, and in 2015 had grown to include many features normally only available or the more expensive rental websites. However without a strong revenue stream we were unable spend the necessary marketing budget required to keep the site at the top of web search results.

EscapeLets was built with the aim to provide a good, honest service, targeted at the requirements of the holiday maker, to help cut the cost of their holiday, by providing a free transparent service for property owners.

Running a website is a time consuming and costly business, requiring technical, management and maintenance skills to keep it running smoothly. The website was developed and maintained by Jerry, who has tirelessly volunteered, and given up most of his free time over the last 10 years to develop, maintain and keep the site ticking over. This included keeping the server and database running, adding website content and location information, answering your emails, filtering the spam from valuable booking enquiries, uploading and resizing your images, support you when you had difficulties, unblocking the sink, and just about anything else the site required!

As a free website, EscapeLets relied on PayPal donations from property owners, giving a little back when they received bookings, however these donations were few and far between, and at best, just about covered our hosting costs. Recently we were hit by a request for even higher hosting fees to cover the cost of the ever growing amount of server disk and database space. So without the financial support of our users, we made a further appeal on the website, with little success and eventually had to make the difficult decision to close the website.

We have archived the website, its code, content and database and would be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to discuss funding or taking on the day to day running of the website and help its property owners and almost 5,000 of their listings to see the light of day again!

Once again we thank you for all of you who gave your support over the years, and we hope you all the success for your property rental businessess in the future, we are just sorry you will be having to pay to list them at one of many fee paying sites out there.

EscapeLets (2005 to 2015) R.I.P.

EscapeLets Administration team, July 2015.

If you have a question, or want to make an offer for the site, email: